Highlighter and midliners


I love stationery stores. Some of you probably are well aware of this by now, but I can drop so much money at stationery stores on nice notebooks and pens and such! I’ve recently switched allegiances for highlighters and midliners to Zebra Mildliners~ They’re more expensive than the highlighters I had been using, but they feel so much smoother, and the colors are so strong and lovely <3 I built up my collection a few at a time. Love them~ I recommend them for sure.

Study Sneak Peek—Hanja practice

What with being so focused on my main content posts, I’ve fallen off of posting random study updates… so here’s an update on what I’ve been doing lately!

As you can see in the photo, I’ve been working on getting my Hanja back up. I studied over 500 before, but I just let my knowledge sort of just sit and I lost some. So, now I’m going through again level by level, taking past 한자능력 tests once I finish studying each level. I feel like I’ll be back up to where I was in no time, because I’m breezing through so far, taking less than ten minutes to finish what are supposed to be 50-minute exams. One thing that is proving to be mildly annoying is stroke order, though. Did you know that there are some minor differences in stroke order between Chinese and Korean? I’m more used to writing the characters using the Chinese stroke order which is usually not an issue, but I still have to retrain myself for some of them.

I’ve also been slowly getting back into studying grammar, and I’ve been spending a lot more time reading. The novel that I’m working on at the moment is one that I just picked up at a secondhand bookstore because the cover looked interesting. I’m enjoying it more than I thought I would and so, I think I’ll finish it up fairly soon (and of course write a review on it)!

Finally, I’ve been doing some reading for my upcoming grad program, which starts in August. Considering that my studies will almost certainly have an impact on my upload schedule here, I’ll write more on that when it gets a bit closer.

Anyway, this is my little update. Happy studying, everyone <3

Study Sneak Peeks — Advanced grammar cards

Studied some new vocab words (made flashcards and wrote practice sentences for them), and now I’m making grammar cards for points I’ve covered here recently. One of the cards covers a point that hasn’t been posted yet, but I did finish writing the post this evening, and it’s scheduled for Saturday 10am KST 🙂

Happy studying~

Messy writing

Kinda crappy photo, but I’m not an aesthetic blogger so it’s okay, haha! I just wanted to show you guys what my (vocab) study looks like lately. If you can’t tell from all the scratch-outs and the red ink, today was kind of a rough day.

Lately I’m working on beefing up my vocab using words I’ve pulled from books. Every day I try to study ten words and write three sentences for each to make sure I know what they mean. My boyfriend is the real MVP and checks my sentences for me if I send them to him, and the red ink is corrections that he’s made and other little notes. The red ink stops at no. 5 because he hasn’t checked 6+ yet :B I sent 1-5, then stopped to play a game and make brownies, and then powered on through the rest.

I like to make nice, neat notebooks as much as the next person, but my practice and review is a scribbly, semi-illegible mess. It serves the purpose that I need to to, so no need to waste my time making it pretty >.>

As always, happy studying~

Java Duplex mild

An anon asked me about my highlighters, so here they are!

I use Java Duplex mild color highlighters, and I absolutely love them <3 I just bought a few colors from my favorite stationery store here in Seoul, and I liked the colors I bought so much that I went back and got a few more. This brand does have the more traditional, super-bright highlighter colors, but I personally don’t like those colors. They’re a bit too harsh for me.

Anyway, I’ve been using these highlighters for a long time now, and they’re great. The colors are gorgeous, and they write very smoothly. Also, they have a chisel end for normal highlighting and a fine tip for underlining and writing notes and all so I don’t have to switch between writing utensils when taking notes.

A study fervor sets in!

Hello, all~ My cold is finally almost totally gone! I only go into coughing fits whenever I have to talk a lot at once… but that’s sort of useless since I’m a teacher (read: my job = talking a lot), haha! Anyway, I had fun at work today, even though it wore me out a touch. The weather here in Seoul is lovely lately, plus some other good things are happening 🙂

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Studying in bed

Today’s study environment… my sleeping mat in my bedroom! Just dragged my computer and all of my notebooks and my little table in, and I’m good to go. I got no studying done yesterday, so I want to go hard today! I’ve been doing a lot of vocab and chatting practice lately but not really grammar (especially with Chinese), so I’ve got a textbook each for Korean and Chinese, a book to read in Korean if I want a break from real studying, my vocab practice notebook (still haven’t written my practice sentences for today), and other notebooks for each language.

The pros of studying here in bed are 1. cozy floor lyfe, 2. removal from the temptations of all the food in the kitchen and 3. if I get tired I can just lean back for a nap (I am still sick ㅠㅠ). The one con? Having to drag all this crap in here… and then having to go back out if I realize I forgot something at my main table. Haha~

Happy studying, everyone! And stay healthy; sore throats are no fun ㅠㅠ