What’s the difference?? 대답, 답변, 답장, 답안, and more!


Today, we’ll look at some different words that seem very similar in translation. In English, all of these could be translated simply as “answer.” So, why are there so many words that all basically mean the same thing? When would we use one over the other? Let’s check out the differences between them.

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Study Tips- Vocab

So you’re learning all this great, useful grammar, you’re feeling good about it, you go to chat with a language exchange partner or write a journal about your day and… you realize that you need to look up so many words to express what you want to say. Or, you’re trying to read an article online or a book and realize that there are so many words you don’t know that you’re spending more time with the dictionary than with what you’re actually reading!

If this sounds like you, you have a vocab problem, and I was definitely in that same spot before. I’ve personally found grammar easier to remember than vocabulary, especially once you start getting into advanced vocab that isn’t used often in day-to-day conversation. Here are some ways to boost your vocabulary:

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A study fervor sets in!

Hello, all~ My cold is finally almost totally gone! I only go into coughing fits whenever I have to talk a lot at once… but that’s sort of useless since I’m a teacher (read: my job = talking a lot), haha! Anyway, I had fun at work today, even though it wore me out a touch. The weather here in Seoul is lovely lately, plus some other good things are happening 🙂

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