Translation—소방서 쉬는 날인 줄 알고 불법 주차

“셔터 내려져서 쉬는 날인줄” 소방서 앞에 주차한 차주의 답변

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Finding parking in a lot of parts of Korea can be a huge hassle. It’s a small country, so space is at a premium! You can often see people even parked on sidewalks in Seoul! When parking is so hard to find, almost anywhere looks good… but in front of a fire station!? Let’s read about a fire station’s response to a driver who parked in front of and blocked the station.

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Translation—3남매 화재 사망, 어머니의 실수였다

3남매 화재 사망…방화 아닌 ‘실화’ 결론, 8일 어머니 검찰 송치

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This article is a bit sad. On December 31, three small children died in a fire at their home… was their mother to blame? The police determined that it was an accident, but that doesn’t necessarily mean mom will get off free. How did the investigation go? How far along in the investigative and justice process is this case? This article has a lot of heavy vocab and long sentences. If you’re ready for a challenge, keep on reading!

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Translation—’국내 (미세먼지) 저감 조치’ 효과 있을까?

대부분 중국발 먼지인데…’국내 저감 조치’ 효과 있을까?

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The pollution in Seoul (and Korea in general) has been horrible lately. On Saturday (12.30) my pollution-tracking app showed the worst possible readings all day long. You could see the thick haze out of the window and smell it even through pollution-blocking masks. When the air gets this bad, there are emergency pollution reduction policies enacted in the public sector. But… if the majority of the pollution is coming from China, what good does that do? Let’s read about Korea’s fight with air pollution.

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숨진 신생아들 [Translation]

숨진 신생아들, 같은 구역에 있었다…중요 단서 될까


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This latest translation post is quite a sad story. Four infants died in a neonatal intensive care unit. What happened to them? What about the other babies in the unit? Let’s dive in to the article.

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좀비 마약 [Translation]

가정집 침입해 일가족 물어뜯은 남성, “영화 부산행 좀비 같았다”

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