[Book Review] — 오늘은 내 인생의 가장 젊은 날입니다

I haven’t done a book review in a while, have I? I’m on a huge reading kick lately, so more will be upcoming this year! Today’s book is “오늘은 내 인생의 가장 젊은 날입니다” by 이근후.

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Short translation break!

Hello, everyone~ I spent just about all day long baking (and getting a bit of grad work done too, of course) and I was just reading a little and liked this one passage, so here’s a quick translation post for you!


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[Book review]- 여행자의 하룻밤



이안주’s “여행자의 하룻밤” is a collection of short stories about people that the author has met while operating his guesthouse, Motif#1, in the Heyri Art Village. Each person or group of travelers has their own story. The author reflects on what he learns from the guest during their time talking together.

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