Making reading high-level texts easier with ReadKorean

Happy election day, everyone! Today is regional election day here in Korea. That means that for the last few weeks, I’ve been bombarded by a ton of advertisements for a ton of different candidates running in a ton of different districts. That’s not the point of today’s post, however! I want to introduce you all to a website that I think holds a lot of promise for the intermediate and advanced Korean learning community, ReadKorean.

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Only after…/How do you expect to…? -고서야

Hello, everyone! Today I bring you another grammar post. This grammar point comes up in advanced level textbooks, but its usage and meaning are simple! Have you ever struggled with something and put in a lot of effort and finally you got a result, or just had something take a long time to get accomplished? In those cases, you can use -고서야. Or, maybe someone says they want to accomplish something but keep doing something else that hinders that process? In that case, we can also use -고서야. Let’s take a closer look at these two meanings

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Translation — “북미회담 관련 아는게 없습니다”…싱가포르 北대사관 ‘신중'(종합)

“북미회담 관련 아는게 없습니다”…싱가포르 北대사관 ‘신중'(종합)

I have another translation for you all today! Well, part of one at least! Lately a lot of meetings (and cancellations and rescheduling of meetings) and other important things have been taking place between the Koreas and the United States. This has made the North Korean embassy at Singapore a target for Korean reporters looking for information about new and upcoming developments. How did the North Korean embassy employees respond to all the questions? Read on to find out!

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Translation — 세월호 내부 첫 언론 공개… ‘화물에 의한 손상 · 변형’ 곳곳에 흔적

세월호 내부 첫 언론 공개… ‘화물에 의한 손상 · 변형’ 곳곳에 흔적

The MV Sewol sunk in April 2014, sending almost 300 people, many of them high school students on a trip, to a watery grave. Four years after the ferry capsized, memory of the incident still incites fury not only in the parents of the deceased but also in the public, who felt that the incident was poorly handled and spoke to huge failings in safety standards and government emergency management. On May 24th the ferry, which has been raised from the water and returned to shore, was opened to the press. Let’s read a reporter’s account of what he saw when he entered MV Sewol.

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Translation—3남매 화재 사망, 어머니의 실수였다

3남매 화재 사망…방화 아닌 ‘실화’ 결론, 8일 어머니 검찰 송치

**Vocab lists for translation posts can be found at Quizlet and Memrise .**

This article is a bit sad. On December 31, three small children died in a fire at their home… was their mother to blame? The police determined that it was an accident, but that doesn’t necessarily mean mom will get off free. How did the investigation go? How far along in the investigative and justice process is this case? This article has a lot of heavy vocab and long sentences. If you’re ready for a challenge, keep on reading!

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[Book review]- 토픽 필수 문법



This time, the book I’m reviewing is a grammar textbook. It was recommended to me by a few people, and it wasn’t very expensive at all (14,000원), so I decided to give it a try. I’ll say that it’s decent, but it’s not exactly the book you want to use to tackle this kind of advanced grammar for the very first time.

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