Short translation break!

Hello, everyone~ I spent just about all day long baking (and getting a bit of grad work done too, of course) and I was just reading a little and liked this one passage, so here’s a quick translation post for you!


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[Book Review] — 너에게 하고 싶은 말


I bought this book on a whim a while back because both the inside and outside are very pretty. What can I say, I’m a sucker for a nice cover! 김수민’s 너에게 하고 싶은 말, which is a compilation of little episodes from a Facebook page of the same name, is a sort of life-advice book. It discusses how to maintain good relationships with others, distance yourself from unhealthy relationships, solve problems within relationships, and so on. Each individual episode is very short, and they’re spaced out in a sort of poetic way. making this a book that one could easily blow through in a few sittings.

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