Formality Levels / 상대 높임법

Finally a video on Korean grammar! This one is about formality levels, or 상대 높임법. I already wrote about this, but since it’s so important to Korean I wanted to start my grammar series with this topic.

You can read my post on formality levels here!

If there are any errors in the Korean subtitles, please let me know! These were actually a bit hard for me to translate and I was a bit pressed for time because I wanted to keep on schedule <3

Happy studying, all!

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Hello, everyone, and welcome to Study With Bee! I’ve spent the last month cleaning up posts and fixing broken links so I could send off 2017 and start 2018 with a little something new for you all. Here’s my official introduction of my new site and YouTube channel!

Thank you so much for the last two years of support! Let’s continue studying together in the new year as well ♥

Also, I have to give a special shout-out to Go Billy from Go! Billy Korean for helping me out with prime information to get the site set up properly and safely!! Everyone go visit him please 🙂