Making reading high-level texts easier with ReadKorean

Happy election day, everyone! Today is regional election day here in Korea. That means that for the last few weeks, I’ve been bombarded by a ton of advertisements for a ton of different candidates running in a ton of different districts. That’s not the point of today’s post, however! I want to introduce you all to a website that I think holds a lot of promise for the intermediate and advanced Korean learning community, ReadKorean.

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How I study languages

Hello, everyone! I had a long weekend full of friends and food, and of course a bit of studying! I was in a group voice chat practicing Korean when the topic of learning multiple languages came up. Someone in the chat asked me a question I field a lot but that I have not addressed on here. That question is,

“How do you study languages?”

Keeping in mind that this is just what works for me and that every learns in different ways, today I want to tell you guys what has worked for me in my language-learning journey(s).

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The benefits of a daily hour of reading

Happy Saturday, everyone! Today’s post isn’t really about grammar or even learning Korean in general. Instead, I want to talk a bit about reading.

I wrote a post on tips for effective foreign language reading a while back, so if you want to know how to maximize your reading time, please do check that out. Today’s focus will be on my current personal challenge of reading one hour in Korean every day. How hard is it, and what am I learning from it? Would I recommend it to you guys? I’ll break down my experience so far.

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Exit Review — LingoDeer Japanese

Hello, everyone! While I (and thus, this site) mostly focus on Korean, I do also study Japanese. A few months back I decided to check out a new-at-the-time app, LingoDeer, to use in my Japanese studies. I ended up checking out and reviewing their Korean courses and Mandarin courses as well, but Japanese is the only one I have followed to completion. Having spent the last few months—and especially the last 2~3 months; my streak is currently over 70 days!—using this app to study Japanese, I have finally finished the course! Here are my final thoughts for anyone else who might be thinking about using LingoDeer to learn Japanese.

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Bees’ Books 2 — Mandarin Resources

Hello, everyone! After over a month, I’m back with another video. I wanted to make another grammar video… but I’ve been sick lately and my voice isn’t doing so well! So instead, I decided to show you guys some of my favorite books for studying Mandarin. Enjoy, and happy studying~

Language learning when busy

Hello, everyone! This post is not about any language in specific but about learning languages in general. A lot of us have a lot to do in our daily lives! Work, school, family, friends… what about study time? Today, I’d like to talk about making a study schedule that fits in your schedule and, most importantly, works for you.

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Study Tips- Listening


Listening practice is vital if you want to communicate with other speakers of whatever language you’re trying to learn. What good is being able to talk to someone if you can’t understand what they’re saying in return? However, getting in good listening practice can be difficult. Not everyone can take language classes. And what if you don’t live in an area with a population that speaks your target language? Never fear! Today, I’ll go over a few ways you can get some listening practice in.

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Why I don’t like romanization

I spend a lot of time on the internet, and most of that time is split between watching Youtube videos and interacting with other language learners, particularly Korean learners. There’s a chatroom that I especially hang around in a lot, and every now and then someone looking to get in to learning Korean from step 1 comes in. When they ask for resources and advice, the first thing that I tell them to do is to learn Hangul by sight and sound, avoiding romanization (writing Korean words in the Roman alphabet) as much as possible. I usually link them this video because it doesn’t use romanization like most learn-Hangul sources.

So, what’s the deal with romanization and why is using it so bad? Today I’ll focus on what exactly romanization is and why I am so very against its use as a tool for learning Korean pronunciation.

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Learning multiple languages at once


When I first started this blog, I was studying Korean, Mandarin, and Japanese all at the same time. It gradually turned into more of a Korean-only blog, but I have been sort of maintaining my basic-level Mandarin, and I have recently started getting back into studying Japanese (let’s see how long it lasts!). So, how do I do it? How does one successfully study multiple languages at once? Learning more than one language at the same time poses some unique issues outside of those that one would face learning just one. Today, I’ll touch on what I think, based on my own experience, are some of the most important things to remember and do to learn more than one language at a time. Remember, this is all just based on my own experience; others might have different takes, but this is mine~

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