[Book review] — 아몬드

Hello again, everyone! I have been just tearing through books recently, so expect a lot of reviews this year! The book I will talk about today is a young adult novel titled “아몬드.” The story is about a boy who is unable to feel emotions normally or understand the emotions of others. I really enjoyed this book, so let’s jump right to the review!

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[Book Review] — 오늘은 내 인생의 가장 젊은 날입니다

I haven’t done a book review in a while, have I? I’m on a huge reading kick lately, so more will be upcoming this year! Today’s book is “오늘은 내 인생의 가장 젊은 날입니다” by 이근후.

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[Book Review]—Mandarin Companion Graded Readers

I am currently obsessed with grader readers! Even if you don’t specifically know the term “graded reader,” you’re almost certainly familiar with the concept. A graded reader is a book that is written using a limited amount of unique words (or in the case of Mandarin, unique characters) to suit readers at a certain level. I remember using graded readers when I was a child learning to read back in elementary school! How can graded readers help us with our language studies?

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[Book Review] — 너에게 하고 싶은 말


I bought this book on a whim a while back because both the inside and outside are very pretty. What can I say, I’m a sucker for a nice cover! 김수민’s 너에게 하고 싶은 말, which is a compilation of little episodes from a Facebook page of the same name, is a sort of life-advice book. It discusses how to maintain good relationships with others, distance yourself from unhealthy relationships, solve problems within relationships, and so on. Each individual episode is very short, and they’re spaced out in a sort of poetic way. making this a book that one could easily blow through in a few sittings.

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[Book review]—오두막 (The Shack)

Today I’m reviewing a translated Korean copy of a book originally written in English—William Paul Young’s “The Shack.”

I guess this book was somewhat of a big deal since it apparently has a film adaptation, which I didn’t know until after I started reading this. Actually, I didn’t know anything about this book before I started reading it. Someone gave it to me and said I should read it, so I figured that they recommended the book for a particular reason and went to it. When I asked them about it over 200 pages in, they said that there was no particular reason for lending me this book, just that they knew I like reading, haha… but by that point, I was already hellbent on finishing, so I powered through it.

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[Book review]- Everyday Korean Idiomatic Expressions


Here with another book review~ Today, I want to talk about TalkToMeInKorean’s “Everyday Korean Idiomatic Expressions.”

One day I was at the book store with my boyfriend looking at all the many Korean study books available when he happened to pick this one up. I had passed over it, not really interested, but he got really excited flipping through it! He was surprised that a book like this, explaining Korean expressions, even exists, and as he flipped through it he told me that I should definitely get it! Having received the native seal of approval, I figured that this book needed to find a place in my small personal library!

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[Book Review] – McGill Korean 1



You guys, I am very excited to be reviewing this book! I first started learning Korean about seven years ago as a first-year student at McGill University. I loved my Korean classes and was so happy to go to class every day, largely thanks to my awesome professor at the time, 김명희 교수님. Well, we still keep in touch, and today I am reviewing a textbook that she wrote and recently got published! So here are my disclaimers for this review:

I received my copy of the book for free, as my professor asked the publisher to send me a copy, but I was in no way contacted by the publishing company to review this, and my professor did not ask me to review it either. Rather, I said that I would review the book and post about it here—before she even offered to send me a free copy; I was set to go out and buy it myself—because I like reviewing books and helping you guys find good study material! I will review this book as objectively as possible!

And now, let’s get into it!

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[Book review]- Korean Grammar in Use (Advanced)



The “Korean Grammar in Use” series is one of the resources I recommend the most when people ask me which resources they should (or shouldn’t) use to study Korean. That is not to say that it’s flawless, but it’s solid for sure. If you want to start diving into advanced grammar or are looking for something to supplement your other advanced grammar resources, here are a few good and bad things about “Korean Grammar in Use (Advanced).”

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