Study update!

I just came off of two weeks of grad school and just need some decompression time, so no regular post today! However, I would like to let you know what I’m up to lately concerning language studies, especially since I have a lot more free time now.

I’m back on studying Mandarin again, going over lessons I did in the past and working on getting my writing fluid again. I’ve busted out my Hanja cards, so that’s a thing, and one of my friends is going to help me work on reviving my French. And of course, I will always do some Korean-related stuff every day because Korean is my number one! It remains to be seen when I’ll get back to Japanese, but that will be in the works too!

Concerning content posts here: my next video will be on honorifics, as I said in my last video. I also want to make videos going over the conjugations of the three formalities I went over. I know I have text posts on those, but they’re very important topics.

Concerning new grammar text posts, I want to start building up a larger base of material, especially for more beginner/intermediate grammar points, because I know that that kind of material would be most useful to the majority of my readers. If you have anything in specific that you would like for me to cover, please do let me know!

Another thing on my list is to start making material on English grammar for non-native speakers. I’m still trying to decide if I want to make them more geared toward Korean natives or not, but I think I probably will. Especially because I’m fresh off of my graduate English grammar course, I’m ready to throw down some explanations!

I’ve got a lot I want to do, and I’ll try to make sure it all gets done. Just… not today!

Happy studying, everyone <3

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