Translation—소방서 쉬는 날인 줄 알고 불법 주차

“셔터 내려져서 쉬는 날인줄” 소방서 앞에 주차한 차주의 답변

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Finding parking in a lot of parts of Korea can be a huge hassle. It’s a small country, so space is at a premium! You can often see people even parked on sidewalks in Seoul! When parking is so hard to find, almost anywhere looks good… but in front of a fire station!? Let’s read about a fire station’s response to a driver who parked in front of and blocked the station.

“셔터 내려져서 쉬는 날인줄” 소방서 앞에 주차한 차주의 답변

주정차금지 구역인 소방서 앞에 불법 주차한 차량이 또 다시 등장했다.

소방서 (消防署)  fire station

등장하다 (登場) to make an appearance (on stage)

차량 주인은 “셔터가 내려져 있어서 소방서 쉬는 날인 줄 알았다”고 다소 황당한 해명을 해 네티즌의 공분을 사고 있다.

해명 (解明) — explanation

공부은 (公憤) 사다 — to draw the ire/indignation of the public

14일 오전 119소방안전복지사업단 공식 SNS에는 소방서 앞에 주차된 차량 사진과 함께 ‘소방서가 쉬는 날이 어딨습니까’라는 내용의 글이 올라왔다.

119소방안전복지사업단 이 올린 글에 따르면 소방서 앞에 차를 주차한 차주는 “셔터가 내려져 있어서 소방서 쉬는 날인줄 알았다”고 말했다.

공식 (公式) — official, public

측 (側) — side (referring to one group or party)

이에 119소방안전복지사업단 측은 “재난 재해 화재가 쉬면 모를까…전쟁은 서로 협의해 쉴수도 있지만 소방은 그러지 못합니다”라며 “재난·재해 화재 등은 남의 일이 아닙니다. 소방서가 하루 쉬면 어떤 일이 벌어질지 상상도 불가합니다“라고 덧붙였다.

*재난 (災難) — disaster (cause)

*재해 (災害) — disaster (the resultant harm)

*재난 and 재해 are both similar words, but we can distinguish them if we look at them in terms of cause and effect. 재난 would be “disaster” in terms of the cause of some sort of hardship. For example, in English we could say, “A disaster struck.” 재해 refers to the harm that has resulted from a disaster. Seeing an area ravaged by a tornado, we could say, “The place is a disaster.”

화재 (火災) — blaze, fire

합의하다 (合意) — to agree, concur

불가하다 (不可) — to be impossible

그러면서 “소방서 앞은 주정차 금지구역입니다”라는 경고했다.

앞서 새해 첫날인 지난 1월 1일에는 강릉 경포대로 해돋이 여행을 간 관광객들이 소방서 앞에 불법 주차한 차량들로 논란이 일었다.

당시 경포 119안전센터 소속 펌프차와 구급차는 불법 주차 차량들로 30분간 진입하지 못하는 사태가 벌어졌다.

해돋이— sunrise

-여 (餘) — more than (given number)

이에 시민들은 소방서 앞에 불법주차 강력 처벌과 차량 공영주차장 공간 확대 등의 내용이 담긴 청원 글을 올리며 관련 법을 바꾸자는 여론이 높아지고 있다.

강력 (強力) — power, influence, might

확대 (擴大) — expansion

청원 (請願) — petition

여론 (輿論) — public sentiment/opinion

이민정 기자

English Translation—“The shutters were closed so we thought it was a rest day” Owner of car parked in front of fire station responds

Another car has been caught illegally in the front of a fire station.

The baffling explanation of the car’s owner, who said that they saw the shutters closed and thought it was a rest day, is drawing the ire of netizens.

On the morning of the 14th, a post featuring a photo of the car with a caption reading “When do fire stations even have rest days?” was uploaded on the 119 Fireofficers’ Welfare Foundation’s official public media page.

The owner of the car that appears in the image posted by the 119 Fireofficers’ Welfare Foundation said that “The shutters were closed so I thought it was the fire station’s rest day.”

In response, the Foundation replied, “Disaster and fires do not know rest… War can be halted through mutual agreement, but firefighting does not work that way.” They added, “Things like disasters and fires do not care for others’ affairs. We cannot even imagine what would happen if the fire station rested for a day.”

They warned, “The area in front of fire stations is a no parking zone.”

Previously, controversy arose when tourists who had traveled to Gangneung’s Gyeongpodae to see the sunrise on New Year’s Day illegally parked in front of a fire station.

At the time, as a result of cars illegally parked in front of Gyeongpo 119 Safety Center, fire engines and ambulances could not enter for more than thirty minutes.

Following this, public sentiment supporting changes in the law increased, with citizens submitting petitions for harsh penalties for illegally parking in front of fire stations, and for an increase in the size of public parking lots.

Reporter Lee Minjung