Translation—3남매 화재 사망, 어머니의 실수였다

3남매 화재 사망…방화 아닌 ‘실화’ 결론, 8일 어머니 검찰 송치

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This article is a bit sad. On December 31, three small children died in a fire at their home… was their mother to blame? The police determined that it was an accident, but that doesn’t necessarily mean mom will get off free. How did the investigation go? How far along in the investigative and justice process is this case? This article has a lot of heavy vocab and long sentences. If you’re ready for a challenge, keep on reading!

3남매 화재 사망…방화 아닌 ‘실화’ 결론, 8일 어머니 검찰 송치

방화 (放火) — arson

실화 (失火) — accidental fire

송치 (送致) — sending, forwarding

경찰, 학대 확인 못 해…중과실 치사, 중실화 혐의 적용

(광주=연합뉴스) 박철홍 기자 = 화재로 세 남매가 숨진 사건에 대해 수사를 펼친 경찰이 화재 원인을 방화가 아닌 아이 어머니의 실화로 잠정 결론지었다.

중과실 (重過失) — Gross negligence

치사 (致死) — causing death

잠정 (暫定) — tentatively

광주 북부경찰서는 구속된(23·여)씨에 대해 기소의견으로 세 남매 사망 사건을 8일 오전 검찰에 송치한다고 7일 밝혔다.

구속되다 (拘束) — to be arrested

모 — A filler used to protect the identities of individuals in news articles and broadcasts

기소 (起訴) — indictment

정씨는 지난달 31일 오전 2시 26분께 광주 북구 두암동의 한 아파트 11층 주택에서 담뱃불을 이불에 튀겨 꺼 불이 나게 해 4세·2세 아들과 15개월 딸 등 3남매를 숨지게 한 혐의로 구속됐다.

경찰은 사건 발생 초기 정씨의 방화 가능성에 무게를 두고 수사를 진행했다. 그러나 일부러 불을 지른 정황·증거·진술 등이 나오지 않았다.

초기 (初期) — the beginning

무게를 두다 — to put weight on, stress, put importance on

정황 (情況) — circumstances

진술 (陳述) — statement, testimony

결국 경찰은 ‘담뱃불을 이불에 꺼 불이 난 것 같다’는 정씨의 자백과 현장감식·부검 등을 통해 확보된 증거를 토대로 실화로 결론 내고 기소의견으로 검찰에 송치하기로 했다.

감식 (鑑識) — forensic analysis

부검 (剖檢) — autopsy

확보되다 (確保) — to be secured, procured

-을/를 토대로 — on the basis of

혐의는 중과실 치사와 중실화 혐의를 적용했다.

지난 3일 현장 검증 이후 ‘세 남매에 대한 학대 여부’와 ‘평소 담뱃불을 이불에 끄는 습관 있는지’ 등을 추가로 확인해 달라는 검찰의 요청에 추가 수사를 진행했지만 경찰은 특이내용을 확인하지 못했다.

정씨와 전 남편은 생활고에 시달렸지만 아이들을 학대한 사실은 없는 것으로 확인됐고, 전 남편의 진술을 토대로 정씨가 평소 이불에 담뱃불을 자주 끈 것으로 드러났다.

사건을 송치받은 검찰은 국과수의 부검·현장 감시 결과를 추가로 경찰을 통해 전달받아 재차 수사를 진행할 예정이다.

현장 검증 (現場檢證) — crime scene investigation

생활고 (生活苦) — hardship (in life)

국과수 (國科搜) — National Institute of Scientific Investigation

재차 (再次) — once more, again; for the second time


English Translation—Three siblings die in fire… fire ruled accidental, mother to be sent to prosecutor’s office on the 8th

Police unable to ascertain abuse… charges of gross negligence causing death and negligent causing of accidental fire filed

(Gwangju=Yeonhap News) Reporter Park Cheolhong = The police who carried out the investigation into the deaths of three siblings in a fire have tentatively determined that the fire was not arson but an accident on the part of their mother.

Gwangju Northern Police Station revealed in their indictment on the 7th that 23-year-old Ms. Jeong will be transferred to the prosecution on the morning of January 8th.  

Jeong was arrested on charges of causing the deaths of her two sons, ages 4 and 2 years, and her 15-month-old daughter around 2:26AM on the 31st of last month in their 11th-floor apartment in Gwangju Buk-gu Duam-dong by starting a fire by putting out a cigarette on a blanket.

At the beginning of the incident, the police stressed the possibility of arson by Jeong as they started their investigation. However, no circumstances, evidence, or statements indicating that the fire was set intentionally were revealed.

Ultimately, on the basis of Jeong’s admission that she “think[s] the fire started from putting out a cigarette on the blanket” and evidence procured through forensic analysis of the scene and autopsies, the police declared the fire accidental and forwarded the case to the prosecutor’s office.

The charges are gross negligence causing death and negligent causing of an accidental fire.

On the 3rd after the crime scene investigation an additional investigation was carried out at the prosecutor’s request to verify whether the children were abused and whether Jeong had a habit of putting out cigarettes on her blanket, but the police could find no relevant evidence.

Jeong’s ex-husband confirmed that though Jeong had her hardships she did not abuse the children, and her habit of putting out cigarettes on her blanket also came out in his deposition.

The prosecution now handling the case plan to conduct yet another investigation based on additional crime scene forensic investigation results from the National Institute of Scientific Investigation passed on by the police.

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