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Hello, everyone, and welcome to Study With Bee! I’ve spent the last month cleaning up posts and fixing broken links so I could send off 2017 and start 2018 with a little something new for you all. Here’s my official introduction of my new site and YouTube channel!

Thank you so much for the last two years of support! Let’s continue studying together in the new year as well ♥

Also, I have to give a special shout-out to Go Billy from Go! Billy Korean for helping me out with prime information to get the site set up properly and safely!! Everyone go visit him please 🙂

What’s the difference??—Making choices in Korean

Hello, everyone! Back again with another “What’s the difference??” post. This time we’re going to look at choice words in Korean. This post is actually inspired by a question someone asked on Reddit about the difference between seven (seven!) decision/choice words. I answered the question very briefly, but now I’d like to look at the words in more detail. 결정하다, 정하다, 마음먹다, 결심하다, 고르다, 선택하다, and 취하다… what’s the difference? Let’s find out!

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숨진 신생아들 [Translation]

숨진 신생아들, 같은 구역에 있었다…중요 단서 될까


**Vocab lists for this and all previous translation posts on Memrise and Quizlet**

This latest translation post is quite a sad story. Four infants died in a neonatal intensive care unit. What happened to them? What about the other babies in the unit? Let’s dive in to the article.

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What’s the Difference?? 또 vs. 다시

I feel like it’s been a while since I did a “What’s the difference??” post! Today we’re going to look at two different adverbs, 또 and 다시, that can seem really similar at first glance. In fact, they are interchangeable in some instances, but not always. How are they similar and how are they different?

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서른 살 인규는 엄마 없이 살 수 있게 될까 [Translation]

[소셜스토리] 서른 살 인규는 엄마 없이 살 수 있게 될까

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App re-review—LingoDeer (Chinese)

I was contacted by the LingoDeer team again, this time asking if I could check out their Mandarin course again! They mentioned that they fixed and tweaked some of the things that I was a little cool on in my first review and wondered if I would be interesting in giving the course another look. Sure, no problem!

Just a little disclaimer: I’m not getting anything out of reviewing it; I’m doing it because I like doing app reviews and because they asked nicely :B I’ll be as objective as ever~

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Short translation break!

Hello, everyone~ I spent just about all day long baking (and getting a bit of grad work done too, of course) and I was just reading a little and liked this one passage, so here’s a quick translation post for you!


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맥주병 폭행 [Translation]

‘맥주병 폭행’ 日 스모 하루마후지, 결국 은퇴 선언

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