[Book review]- 한국이 싫어서



장강명’s novel “한국이 싫어서” was fairly popular last year. A story about a young Korean woman who decides to leave the country in favor of Australia, the novel’s contents resonated especially with Korea’s younger people, many of whom would like to leave Korea and all of its societal and other pressures in favor of some other country.

Vocab and grammar

Told in first person perspective following the protagonist’s thoughts, feelings, and actions, you will encounter some words that are not really academic but that are commonly used when speaking. As this is a novel, you will also encounter a lot of words that aren’t commonly used in day-to-day speech. This especially applies to descriptive adjectives and adverbs. The grammar used is not super complicated, so it was pretty easy to go through long stretches of pages. That’s in spite of all the words that I didn’t know. The chapters are a little long though (seven chapters total over 180+ pages) so if you like to tear through a chapter in one go, it might take a while!

A slow start (personally)

The story itself took me a few pages to actually get in to, but I ultimately enjoyed it. Reading about how the protagonist’s attitudes toward Korea and Australia changed (or didn’t change) and how her relationships with people around her in both countries did or didn’t change, as well as reading about her various adventures resonated with me and my own reasons for leaving my home country. I’m not sure I would necessarily call this a fun read, but I liked it 🙂

Happy reading (and studying)~!