[Book review]- 토픽 필수 문법



This time, the book I’m reviewing is a grammar textbook. It was recommended to me by a few people, and it wasn’t very expensive at all (14,000원), so I decided to give it a try. I’ll say that it’s decent, but it’s not exactly the book you want to use to tackle this kind of advanced grammar for the very first time.


The book is divided into sections; 연결형 표현 1, 연결형 표현 2, 연결형 표현 3, 종결형 표현 1, and 종결형 표현 2. There are also sections with questions similar to what you might see on the TOPIK exam, though there aren’t a whole lot of those questions.

The book itself less than 240 pages long, including indices and questions and answer keys, and it covers 120 grammar points. That means less than two pages per grammar point, which is pretty sparse. I find the explanations of the grammar to be very quick and to the point, which is not necessarily what you want when you’re tackling a grammar point for the first time and it is, as is the case with many grammar points once you get up to  advanced levels, very similar to other grammar with just a little nuance making the difference. You can expect to see about three examples per grammar point, have two or three fill-in-the-blank practice questions, and that’s it. On the other hand, “Korean Grammar in Use Advanced” has more practice questions, and more varied types of questions

My opinion

Personally, I find the book just… okay. I found myself referencing Naver 사전 and Korean Grammar in Use to fill in the nuance gaps that this book doesn’t really cover. In fact, I took the time to find and mark with Post-It tabs ALL of the grammar points that the two have in common for easy cross-referencing. If you’re just looking at advanced grammar for the first time, I wouldn’t recommend it. If you want a quick reference for a ton of advanced grammar points, go for it!

As always, happy studying~