Messy writing

Kinda crappy photo, but I’m not an aesthetic blogger so it’s okay, haha! I just wanted to show you guys what my (vocab) study looks like lately. If you can’t tell from all the scratch-outs and the red ink, today was kind of a rough day.

Lately I’m working on beefing up my vocab using words I’ve pulled from books. Every day I try to study ten words and write three sentences for each to make sure I know what they mean. My boyfriend is the real MVP and checks my sentences for me if I send them to him, and the red ink is corrections that he’s made and other little notes. The red ink stops at no. 5 because he hasn’t checked 6+ yet :B I sent 1-5, then stopped to play a game and make brownies, and then powered on through the rest.

I like to make nice, neat notebooks as much as the next person, but my practice and review is a scribbly, semi-illegible mess. It serves the purpose that I need to to, so no need to waste my time making it pretty >.>

As always, happy studying~