Buying Korean books- Aladin bookstore

Since I live in Korea, finding reading material is no big deal for me, but for those of you outside of Korea, it can be a bit of a task. However, I bought Korean books in the US once through a website called Aladin.

Aladin is a company that sells (surprise surprise!) books here in Korea. I love going to their secondhand bookstores here in Seoul and picking up reads for cheap 🙂 For those of you who live in the US, they have a branch over there that you can order from. I actually used it to buy a few manhwa back when I was in… I think high school? The site is all in Korean, but I’m pretty sure that there are guides for how to navigate the site floating around on the internet. I know that I used one of those guides when I used the site that one time, because my Korean was still super-beginner level at the time. Or, of course, you could also ask me and I could check it out and assist as needed 🙂

Anyway! From what I remember, of course there is a bit of a markup on the books since they’re imported, but my broke self clearly didn’t consider the prices too unreasonable or else I wouldn’t have ordered in the first place. If anyone who has used the site more recently could let me know how it is these days, I would really appreciate it!

I just checked the site, and it says that the US version of the site is set up for payment in USD and CAD and shipping to US and Canada only, but you can also use the Korean version of the site to get shipping to other places 🙂

Happy studying (and reading~)!