[Book review] 그녀의 비행기 타는 법 (Cabin Crew)



My first  book review will be 그녀의 비행기 타는 법 by 전미애, 김소운, and 최보윤. My boyfriend actually let me borrow this copy of it, saying that he used to read it on his way to classes 🙂 What do I think of this, and would I recommend it for Korean learners?

What’s it about?

In this book, the three authors tell about their lives as flight attendants, including how they got their jobs, why they wanted to do it, places they have gone, people they have met, maintaining relationships while constantly on the go, crazy passenger stories, and just the little things that the cabin crew do before, during, and after the flight that those of us who only see it from the passenger side might not know about. Scattered throughout are cute drawings and photos of the places the ladies talk about and such.


I found this a pretty enjoyable read, getting insight into the lives of flight attendants while also learning a thing or two about the industry. Each chapter is an individual recollection from one of the authors, so you can sort of read it as a collection of short stories. You don’t even really have to keep up with which author is telling each chapter (I usually didn’t check, honestly; it was never really important); you can just read bit by bit and enjoy it that way.


As for difficulty, I didn’t find this to be a very burdensome read at all. If you’ve ever read a Korean novel (or a novel in any language, really) you’ll know that a lot of descriptors and other vocab that aren’t normally used when people talk naturally with each other tend to pepper the writing. However, this book’s format is a collection of stories told in first-person, so the writing style, including the vocabulary, is a bit less flowery. Sometimes industry-specific vocab will pop up, but in general, this is a fairly uncomplicated read. If you’ve got any interest in the life of flight attendants or travel or things of that nature, give this book a try 🙂