How can I practice speaking and grammar if I don’t have money for classes?

A big part of learning a language is actually having the chance to use it! However, what if you don’t have money for classes or there simply aren’t any classes in your area? These tips are for you!

Meetups are great!

Try looking for language exchange meetups in your area! I used the website Meetup to find some in Seoul after I moved here, and through a meetup I found on there, I was able to make friends and practice my Korean. When I had more free time, I really enjoyed going to meetups on the weekend and after work. However, I was very nervous the first time I went to a meetup. I actually almost didn’t go inside! Also, I’ve been to some meetups that just did not suit me well. If one meetup doesn’t seem right for you, don’t give up! You might have to try a few out to find a good language exchange home.

Apps can be alright, too

If there aren’t any meetups in your area, try a language exchange site or app like Hellotalk or Sharedlingo (since this post was first uploaded, Sharedlingo has died and been replaced with Hellolingo). Through Hellotalk, you can connect with people who speak the language you want to learn (and who want to learn your native language). There is a voice notes function if you want to practice speaking, and I have done voice calls and even met some people from Hellotalk in person if we really got along well and they didn’t seem creepy.

Sharedlingo is a largely text-based language exchange chatting platform, but again, if you find someone that seems cool, you can head over to the messaging app or program of your choice for voice chatting or choose to meet up. Everyone, especially my younger followers, please never meet up with someone new in an area you’re unfamiliar with or in a secluded area! Be safe~

Happy studying~