Got a new lamp for my space!

How have you all been? I’m keeping busy with studying as usual @____@ I’m especially reading a lot (in Korean) lately. If I start getting sleepy while reading, I find that reading out loud helps keep me awake, and it’s good sightreading practice as well 🙂

This is my study cave for the evening! The lamp in this picture was just delivered to my house yesterday, and I already love it <3 My apartment’s main lights are these big glaring LED panels in the ceiling, and while they’re nice and bright of course, the light is pretty intense and doesn’t really have a cozy feel. This new lamp of mine is also an LED light, but one of its settings is this lovely yellow light that reminds me of the little lamps I used to read by in my house in the US, and again of the little lamp that I would read by in my apartment in Canada as a uni student. I guess a nice lamp is something I just can’t do without for long…

Happy, cozy studying~