A study fervor sets in!

Hello, all~ My cold is finally almost totally gone! I only go into coughing fits whenever I have to talk a lot at once… but that’s sort of useless since I’m a teacher (read: my job = talking a lot), haha! Anyway, I had fun at work today, even though it wore me out a touch. The weather here in Seoul is lovely lately, plus some other good things are happening 🙂

One of those good things is that I am feeling a study fire lit under me lately! Part of that fervor I attribute to some of my internet friends doing a 90-day study challenge. I tried—and failed—to complete the 100-day challenge before, but this time I’m doing it with others. We have a shared spreadsheet on Google Docs to track our progress and check in with each other. I like the community feel of studying with others!

Having that has really gotten me to work a lot harder on my Chinese lately, and I’m particularly using reader apps—especially Du Chinese—a lot. I read the passages, write down the passage in my practice notebook and make note of vocab I don’t know as I go, study and read over the passage a few times, and then finally rewrite it in a small notebook with the other passages I’ve studied (no notes, just the passages in this notebook!) so I can pick it up and read for practice whenever I want. It sounds like a long process, but it doesn’t take me that long at all.

For Korean, I’ve been getting back into grammar study, and as I do so, I’m working on my grammar reference notebook, which is home to almost every grammatical form I know plus examples and other important notes so I can look them up whenever I need without lugging heavy textbooks around.

All of the above goes along with Memrise vocab practice, reading books in Korean, and getting speaking and news article reading practice done with my boyfriend. Do I sound crazy? Hahaha.

Along with this study fervor has come a desire to be more organized, not just with my study but with other things going on in my life.

I bought a huge pack of graph paper over the weekend and made this calendar to stick on my (magnetic <3) apartment door. As you can see, I check off study goals for the day, but I also make other little notes, too! I love making calendars, really~

Wow, this post got longer than I expected. How have you all been doing with your studies lately? Are you on top of your goals, or are you in a slump?

Happy studies~