Studying in bed

Today’s study environment… my sleeping mat in my bedroom! Just dragged my computer and all of my notebooks and my little table in, and I’m good to go. I got no studying done yesterday, so I want to go hard today! I’ve been doing a lot of vocab and chatting practice lately but not really grammar (especially with Chinese), so I’ve got a textbook each for Korean and Chinese, a book to read in Korean if I want a break from real studying, my vocab practice notebook (still haven’t written my practice sentences for today), and other notebooks for each language.

The pros of studying here in bed are 1. cozy floor lyfe, 2. removal from the temptations of all the food in the kitchen and 3. if I get tired I can just lean back for a nap (I am still sick ㅠㅠ). The one con? Having to drag all this crap in here… and then having to go back out if I realize I forgot something at my main table. Haha~

Happy studying, everyone! And stay healthy; sore throats are no fun ㅠㅠ