Getting in some vocab study

Long time, no see! How has everyone been lately? I’ve been keeping myself busy with all manners of things, so updating this blog tumbled down the priorities list.  Things like working, hanging out with my boyfriend, and (ironically, considering the focus of this blog) studying just had me so busy~ I have been working on vocab, though!

One thing that I am weak at is remembering vocab. Always have been, but I’m working to make sure that it doesn’t stay that way. Furthermore, on top of working on studying more Korean grammar and reading more books, I’ve been making Memrise lists for Korean and Chinese vocab and have been very diligent about using that. Here’s what I do:

First, for the Korean, I write the definitions in Korean as well. Having the definitions in Korean just gives me extra practice. Sadly, my Chinese isn’t quite up to that level yet. Next, I go through the cards as normal. In addition, I write down all the words that came up in a notebook (pictured) at the end. Finally, I write a sentence for each one of the words. It’s not enough to remember what a word means if you can’t use it properly!

That’s my study update for today~ To everyone in Korea, happy 추석 as well! I have no plans for the holiday except sitting around my house and studying, IRCing with my friends, and playing games. Oh, maybe I’ll have some date time at the end of the day, too 🙂

Happy studying~