Writing practice journal entries

Writing journal entries is a great way to practice your writing skills. Here’s a quick peek at how I go about the process:

Choose a topic and go!

When I go to write a journal, I first think of a topic. The topics are things that I found myself thinking about over the course of the day, so I usually have a rough idea of where I’m starting and ending before I start. When I think too hard about what I’m writing, I start second-guessing myself and changing things, and the end result is stilted and unnatural , so once I decide to write, I just… start writing. Also, I want to be able to write fluidly, so I just try to keep my brain and pen in constant motion.

Ditch the dictionary

For fluidity’s sake, I don’t reference dictionaries or grammar books while writing unless I am completely stuck. Usually I can get to what I want through roundabout ways, so I prefer doing that to stopping and interrupting my flow to look something up. Then later, once I’m done writing, I might reference a dictionary or grammar book to see what I could improve. I don’t go back and retroactively fix my journal, though, because that would defeat the purpose for me. They are records of my thoughts and how well I could do at that particular time!

Don’t stress perfection

When practicing a language, the process is more important than the product a lot of the time! You just have to chug on through the journal-entry-almost-totally-scratched-out-and-rewritten days to get to those occasional one-or-two-errors-only days 🙂