Coming out of a study slump

Happy Saturday, everyone! Today I would like to talk about an inevitable part of language learning that I’m 99% sure everyone hits eventually—the dreaded slump! Maybe you’ve hit that intermediate plateau and feel like you just aren’t improving no matter what you do. Maybe you’ve been stressed out and have had no time to study and, when you find you do have free time, you can’t really get back into the language stuff. Or maybe you just find that brand-new-language excitement is wearing off. Whatever the reason, slumps are too real, and getting stuck in one can turn into a de-motivational cycle in which you take time off from studying, you feel like you’re getting worse and there’s no real recourse so you take more time off… and so on.

But! There are ways to get yourself out of that hole. Of course, everyone has their own different methods, but these are my own recommendations.

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What have I been up to?

Hello again, everyone! It’s been quite a while. I’ve been off of work the last five days thanks to the Chuseok holiday, so I’ve had some time to decompress and, finally, slowly start getting back into language study.

It’s been such a long time since I’ve posted, so I’d like to tell you what I’ve been doing and why I haven’t really been around!

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Sorry for the silence!

Hello, everyone! It’s been a while, right? I expected to be back on track by now but there are a lot more responsibilities and such with my new job than with my old one, and I’m still adjusting. That isn’t to say that I don’t love my new job! I survived the first week with only a few incidents (including my glasses snapping literally in half, breaking up a recess fight, and my computer totally dying right before a 70 minute class among them), and I feel like I’m getting into the groove. That said, thank you for sticking around thus far. I will try to get new content out to you as soon as I can.

As always, happy studying <3

Negation with 안, -지 않다, 못, and -지 못하다

Hello, everyone! It’s great to be back~ I finished my graduate degree (waiting on my exam results to make it official), and I’ll be moving to my new house just a few hours after this post goes up! That being said, please understand if my posting is a bit irregular for the next week or two, though I will certainly try my best to get things up on time. Anyway, negation!

The other day, someone asked me about negation in Korean, and I realized that I had never tackled it before despite being a pretty simple and highly important part of the language! Let’s check out four ways to negate things in Korean: 안, -지 않다, 못, and -지 못하다.

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[App review] — Drops

Hello, everyone! I’m breaking my short break because I was recently clued in to another language learning app, so of course I had to check it out! This app is called “Drops”, and it is a vocab builder for a pretty wide variety of languages. Is it worth it? I tested out the Korean course; this is what I think about this app.

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Taking a break

I should have posted this yesterday but it totally slipped my mind! I’m currently in the process of finishing my graduate degree, finishing up at my current job, moving to a new house, and starting a new job, all within the next few weeks. That said, I have a lot going on and will have to take a break from posting for a while! Expect the next post to go up on Wednesday, August 22 10am KST.

Thank you all for your continued support <3 Study hard!

To make someone do something — -게 하다

Time for more grammar! In the past I covered -게 되다, which one can use to show that someone or something ended up doing something, or ended up in a certain state. This time, we’ll take a look at -게 하다, which is used when someone or something makes someone or something do something or take on a certain state. Let’s check out some examples and see how it works.

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Writing Prompt Wednesday 3

Happy Wednesday once more! It’s been ridiculous hot here in Korea for the last few weeks, and it looks like it’s just going to continue. I know that a lot of places have been trapped in a serious heatwave lately. Stay safe, everyone!

This week we have three new writing prompts. You can check those out and read examples from last week’s prompts!

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漢字 배우자! 8 — Stuck in the middle

Welcome to another 漢字 배우자! post~ It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Today, I want to take a look at a character that is really common, 가운데 중. Meaning “middle” or “center,” you can see it on, of example, menus indicating the medium size of a dish. It is also a component of a lot of words. Let’s check out some of those words and how the character contributes to their meanings.

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