[App review] — Drops

Hello, everyone! I’m breaking my short break because I was recently clued in to another language learning app, so of course I had to check it out! This app is called “Drops”, and it is a vocab builder for a pretty wide variety of languages. Is it worth it? I tested out the Korean course; this is what I think about this app.

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Taking a break

I should have posted this yesterday but it totally slipped my mind! I’m currently in the process of finishing my graduate degree, finishing up at my current job, moving to a new house, and starting a new job, all within the next few weeks. That said, I have a lot going on and will have to take a break from posting for a while! Expect the next post to go up on Wednesday, August 22 10am KST.

Thank you all for your continued support <3 Study hard!

To make someone do something — -게 하다

Time for more grammar! In the past I covered -게 되다, which one can use to show that someone or something ended up doing something, or ended up in a certain state. This time, we’ll take a look at -게 하다, which is used when someone or something makes someone or something do something or take on a certain state. Let’s check out some examples and see how it works.

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Writing Prompt Wednesday 3

Happy Wednesday once more! It’s been ridiculous hot here in Korea for the last few weeks, and it looks like it’s just going to continue. I know that a lot of places have been trapped in a serious heatwave lately. Stay safe, everyone!

This week we have three new writing prompts. You can check those out and read examples from last week’s prompts!

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漢字 배우자! 8 — Stuck in the middle

Welcome to another 漢字 배우자! post~ It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Today, I want to take a look at a character that is really common, 가운데 중. Meaning “middle” or “center,” you can see it on, of example, menus indicating the medium size of a dish. It is also a component of a lot of words. Let’s check out some of those words and how the character contributes to their meanings.

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Writing Prompt Wednesday 2

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I hope you got some good practice out of last week’s writing prompts. I got a few responses on the Google docs form; thank you to those people for writing and allowing me to share their work!

Before I show example responses to last week’s prompts, I will of course introduce this week’s prompts!

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[Translation] — 우리가 생각하는 스마트폰 중독

우리가 생각하는 스마트폰 중독

This article is a great read for anyone in the upper beginner range and up! Written by a fifth grade student, it summarizes the results of a survey he did with his classmates on smartphone addiction. What do these Korean elementary kids think about smartphone addiction? How often do they use their smartphones, and what do they do on them? Let’s read on!

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Writing Prompt Wednesday 1

Hello everyone! Today I would like to break out a new post series that will hopefully help you get in some Korean writing practice and make it a bit easier for me to keep up with my posting schedule.

Writing Prompt Wednesday is… exactly what the name says it is! Each Wednesday I will write three prompts and make them available for you to answer. This week’s prompts are:

1. 여름에는 더위를 어떻게 피하신가요? (In summer, how do you avoid the heat?)

2. 최근에 읽은 책이나 기사를 요약하고 자신에게 어떤 영향을 미쳤는지 쓰십시오. (Summarize a book or article that you read recently and write what impact it had on you.)

3. 남녀평등을 이루려면 사회는 무엇을 해야 하고 어떻게 변해야 한다고 생각하세요? (What you you think society has to do and how must it change to attain equality of the sexes?)

Here is a link to a Google Form with all of the prompts and spaces to write and submit your answer(s) if you’d like. I would really like to display some of your example responses next week along with the new prompts, so it would be great (but definitely not necessary!) for you to share. If you do choose to share, please submit your responses via the Google Form by 6PM KST July 24 so I have time to read a few and work them into the next post. Of course, you can always just respond to the prompts in your own personal notebooks! Also, you can of course use these prompts for any other language you are working on.

Happy studying, everyone~

What is the goal of second language learning?

Hello, everyone! Today’s post is another one focused on languages and language learning in general instead of just Korean grammar and the like. I’ll get back to that kind of material soon enough, I promise! But I’m in hardcore grad school study mode, and a lot of the readings combined with my past experience as a teacher, experience as a language learner, and things I have learned in various language acquisition courses have got me thinking about a few things I want to share with you guys.

That said! What is the goal of second language learning? Is there a problem with how we conceive of the endgame of language learning?

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